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Effective management of organizations as large and diverse as state or government agencies requires considerable effort to establish and maintain clear, consistent and cohesive lines of communication. Reece & Associates has over fifteen years experience assisting federal and state highway safety agencies through a flexible, multi-faceted approach to help raise and maintain awareness, mobilize communities and establish and sustain scientifically supported highway safety programs.

By employing a variety of community mobilization techniques, our efforts serve to effectively enhance those of our clients by building and maintaining public support and momentum for their initiatives. We efficiently and effectively identify, engage, educate and motivate the people who are essential to our client's success.
  • Area Briefings - Reece & Associates organizes Area Briefings for elected officials, business and community leaders, law enforcement officers, health care professionals, traffic safety engineers, educators and others to build broad-based support for highway safety initiatives that will reduce injuries and fatalities on roadways. Reece & Associates works to designate areas as potential sites for area briefings by identifying population, transportation and legislative centers in each state.

    For a look at currently scheduled Area Briefings and Trade Show events, please click here.

  • Statewide Forums/Summits - Reece & Associates organizes two-day statewide forums on specific transportation safety topics tailored for selected audiences (state and local transportation and safety professionals, law enforcement officers, elected and appointed officials, etc.). Reece & Associates recruits experts in the state and across the country to discuss the designated topic and identify programs and/or action plans, including scientifically supported solutions to specific problems; assessments of what is or is not being done in a given state or locale to affect the problem; and an introduction to computer modeling to aid in allocation of resources.

  • Roundtable Discussions/Strategic Planning Sessions ? These discussions present the overall size and scope of the problem of traffic injuries and fatalities and identify the role key stakeholders ? i.e., roundtable attendees ? can play in addressing the crisis. Particular needs and enhanced countermeasures are discussed, and plans for achieving maximum support and involvement among members of specific populations are central to the dialogue. The discussions are tailored to an identified need and may focus on the potential impact of or on a group such as law enforcement, the court system (prosecutorial, judicial), legislative bodies, or the healthcare profession.

  • Core Advisory Groups - Working with our clients and other members of the highway safety community, Reece & Associates identifies a cross-section of highway safety leaders from around the state who can serve as core advisory groups. The Core Advisory Groups assist in developing strategies to generate greater support and commitment from the identified group or relating to the designated topic.

    Reece & Associates builds databases of these individuals to organize, convene and facilitate roundtable discussions, typically held in a central location. Reece & Associates develops a report in the form of a strategic plan from each discussion, which then serves as a blueprint for future Area Briefings and other activities and countermeasures that may be identified.

  • Training Seminars - Reece & Associates works with experienced, certified training professionals to organize and conduct instructional seminars for designated groups involved in highway safety. Our team continually researches best practices and identifies accomplished professionals from around the country to ensure that the most current informational material, strategies, and techniques are being presented.

  • Municipal Court Judicial Training - Municipal court judges constitute a key stakeholder group for impacting the problem of impaired driving. In an effort to enhance the role these judges play in reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities on roadways, Reece & Associates organizes and trains municipal judges on behalf of a contracted highway safety office. This activity includes identifying the judges in a given area, building and maintaining an accurate database of those judges and providing appropriate programming. Reece & Associates works with key individuals to organize a statewide association of municipal court judges and develops and implements a series of meetings and training sessions to enhance the judges role in providing sound and uniform deterrents for impaired driving.

  • Organization and Facilitation of Coordinating or Advisory Committees - Once strategies have been defined, the state is ready to move to the implementation phase. Essential to the efficiency and success of any plan is the proactive identification and solution of problems before they occur. In conjunction with the client agency, Reece & Associates can identify a group of people who are essential to the execution of the strategic plan, and then organize, host and facilitate monthly coordinating committee meetings and provide monthly progress reports to the governing agency to ensure the plan's success. These monthly updates of a plan's progress have proven to be an invaluable tool during the implementation and evaluation process.

  • Awards/Recognition Luncheons - Because morale is essential to successful ongoing efforts, Reece & Associates organizes and hosts awards/recognition events to identify those who have stayed the course and continually strive to impact the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on our nation's roads. This event is often conducted in conjunction with an Area Briefing or Statewide Summit, so that the goals of education and motivation can be achieved concurrently.

  • Transportation Safety Publication - Drawing from its national experience in highway safety, Reece & Associates publishes Saving Lives, a first-of-its-kind publication whose goal is to provide key, hard-to-reach decision-makers with concise, factual information on effective countermeasures and initiatives for preventing traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. In each designated area Reece & Associates
    • Develops a database of 10,000-20,000 key stakeholders in each area.
    • Mails directly to individuals in the database on a quarterly basis.
    • Researches and provides editorial on national traffic safety news, data analysis, product reviews, and best practices.
    • Analyzes and provides information on trends, statistics, and the science of highway safety.
    • Graphically designs the publication to present information in a visually appealing, easy to read, easy to navigate format.
    • Each publication touches on a variety of topic areas, and issues devoted entirely to a specific topic can be produced as well. Among the topics typically addressed are occupant safety, data collection on high-crash locations, distracted drivers, impaired drivers, private-sector partnerships for traffic safety, rural and urban road safety, technology, and engineering.
    For a look at currently scheduled Area Briefings and Trade Show events, please click here.

  • General Counsel - Reece & Associates also provides advice and general consulting to agencies on legal, regulatory, and business matters. Counsel includes such matters as statutory and legislative interpretations, highway safety strategies, theories of human dynamics and organizational management techniques.


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