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Saving Lives, Inc.
Relationship Building
From grassroots consensus-building on highway safety to high-profile ?Area Briefings? on business topics, Reece & Associates knows how to identify, bring together, and inspire key individuals to work together for change.

Area Briefings
What kind of gathering can bring together your state?s Governor, members of the U.S. Congress, federal agency heads in your region, M.D.?s, civic leaders, state troopers, and CEOs of major corporations ? all working together as equals to address a community need? At a Reece-facilitated ?Area Briefing? on highway safety, this extraordinary scenario happens in state after state ? with remarkable results.
  • In Alabama, a series of Reece-led Area Briefings was the catalyst for increasing seatbelt use from 70% in 2000 to 79% in 2001.

  • In West Virginia, seatbelt usage went from 49% to 52% after Reece & Associates worked with the Governor?s Office of Highway Safety there.

  • In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Transportation called on Reece & Associates to plan and conduct six high-level Area Briefings to build the support needed to advocate effectively in the state legislature for a primary seatbelt law.

  • In his home state of Georgia, Wayne Reece is credited as the ?man behind the scenes? who persuaded Georgia legislators ? despite opposition from the longtime Speaker of the House ? to fight Georgia?s highway death and injury toll with a primary seatbelt law.
?Reece & Associates? objective, broad and in-depth knowledge of the politics and practices of highway safety make them a distinctive and invaluable asset to any highway safety office. We are grateful to have found a firm with such a unique commitment to positively impacting highway safety in America, and I recommend their services without reservation to any highway safety office or program that truly wants to make a difference in their area.?

Ken Carpenter
Traffic Safety Committee, State of New York

Leadership Roundtables
Time and again, Reece & Associates has proven its ability to make the case for public policy changes not just before professionals in the field, but before influential, powerful decision-makers and opinion leaders from across a wide spectrum. By seeking involvement, discussion and ?buy-in? from both private and public-sector leaders, citizen activists and others, Reece & Associates assures that those who have a seat at the Leadership Roundtable can make a difference on the issue at hand. A Reece-facilitated Leadership Roundtable is business-like and efficient ? respecting busy leaders? time ? while also delivering a tremendous amount of information and fostering discussion and deeper understanding.

?Unlike many highway safety meetings, Reece & Associates? briefings attract participants from a number of different areas, who, after being educated about the severity of the problem of crashes, then become advocates of safety themselves. This multi-tiered method for crafting support is unique both in its approach and the ultimate outcome.?

Randall Smith
Tennessee Governor?s Highway Safety Office

Conferences and Trade Shows
Some Reece-led conferences are accompanied by trade shows that provide exhibit space for manufacturers and other vendors offering industry-related products and services. Conference attendees enjoy visiting the exhibit hall to gather additional information about state-of-the-art products and capabilities in their field.

Please click here for more information about the Saving Lives Transportation Safety Briefing & Trade Show.


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