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Political and business leaders and highway safety experts alike agree: Reece & Associates programs are first-rate. For example:

?I have found Reece & Associates? Area Briefing concept an excellent way to immerse myself in the business of highway safety. For example, at an Area Briefing, my office can present compelling statistics regarding the critical issues of ?belts, booze and speed? that engage community and law enforcement leaders to embrace change. This dialogue was especially significant because of the diverse and critical level of leadership assembled by Reece & Associates to attend these briefings.?
Art Victorine
Governor?s Highways Safety Office
State of Tennessee

?As moderator, he [Wayne Reece] was dynamic and articulate ? and he also had the talent needed to keep on the agenda while watching the clock.?
Audience member
Kingston, New York

?This meeting was very informative, very well organized! [Reece & Associates] did a marvelous job!?
Audience member
Charleston, West Virginia

?Reece & Associates has worked to improve highway safety through the organization of local area briefings that highlight the need for a multifaceted approach to reducing the death and disability occurring on Georgia?s highways... In recognizing the need for a collaborative approach. Reece & Associates has included representatives from Public Health?s EMS and trauma programs, along with representatives from the law enforcement and public safety, the judicial community, the insurance community, and safety researchers...

As the Director of Public Health in Georgia, I am honored to serve in a leadership role for this project along with our community partners, and I pledge the support of our entire Division of Public Health to make this endeavor successful.
Kathleen E. Toomey, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Division of Public Health
State of Georgia



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