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Successful business leaders realize that having influence in governmental, business and community circles can greatly impact their bottom line. To effectively influence government decision-making, today?s businesses must be strategically positioned in these multiple arenas. To further advance the business interests of those we represent, Reece & Associates provides the following services:
  • Corporate Public Affairs Counsel ? Reece & Associates can coordinate all public affairs activities within the states in which your company operates and can provide ongoing advice and counsel on both general and specific public policy issues.

  • Corporate Outreach and External Affairs ? Reece & Associates assists executives in developing external affairs strategies that create optimum opportunities for implementing your organization?s business goals. Reece & Associates can position your organization?s executives in appropriate arenas ? from policy taskforces to board appointments ? to ensure success in both business and public policy.

  • State Public Affairs Audits ? Reece & Associates can perform individual audits of the current public affairs environment within each state. Such audits assess the legislative and regulatory environments within each state and evaluate the potential impact on your organization?s ability to grow and expand its business there. Reece & Associates can work with you to prioritize the progression of this work.

  • Public Policy Strategic Planning ? Upon completion of the audit process, Reece & Associates can develop a strategic plan detailing how best to establish a public affairs agenda tied to your company?s goals within a particular state. The strategic plan is a ?living document? with a two-fold aim: to establish a solid image for your organization, and to provide your company the flexibility to adjust to ever-changing policy issues in the public affairs arena.

  • Recruitment and Coordination of State Lobbyists ? Reece & Associates can identify prospective lobbyists or public affairs representatives at the state and federal levels on an as-needed basis, and then oversee these representatives to ensure that their actions remain consistent with client goals and objectives.

  • Internal Coordination and Communication ? Recognizing that public affairs is just one component of success, Reece & Associates can conduct regular meetings with representatives from other areas within your organization to ensure coordinated action towards the overall goal. The firm can also provide periodic updates and reports to your organization?s executives regarding external activities and intelligence.

  • Organization of Key Fundraising Events ? Successful corporations understand the importance of developing relationships with elected officials whose decisions directly affect their interests, as well as being actively involved in making campaign contributions to establish and maintain a position within the political landscape. Elected officials, in turn, recognize the need for fundraising for campaign success. Reece & Associates helps your organization identify key individuals, cultivate new and existing relationships, determine appropriate actions regarding campaign support, and organize and host key fundraising events.

  • Monitoring of Legislation and Creation of Response Strategies ? Reece & Associates continually monitors pending and current legislation that may impact our clients? current or future plans. Reece & Associates proactively identifies potential problem areas and works to develop strategies relating to the legislation that will be consistent with our clients? business plans.

  • Lobbying for Clients? Interests ? Following the creation of a strategic plan relating to proposed legislation or regulations, Reece & Associates lobbies the appropriate individuals or groups ? state legislators, gubernatorial administrations, state agencies, and other elected and appointed officials ? to gain their assistance in effecting the desired result.

  • Developing Public-Sector Goodwill ? Reece & Associates works diligently to strengthen existing relationships and cultivate new relationships with the range of government agencies and individuals whose decisions directly or indirectly affect clients? interests: political administrators, legislative leaders, members of the House and Senate Insurance Committees, and other decision-makers throughout the public sector.

  • Enhancing Corporate Citizenship and Image Management In all aspects of client service, Reece & Associates works to position its clients as facilitators of change and providers of solutions in order to sustain current viability and open future markets.


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