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Outreach to Opinion Leaders
Reece & Associates knows how to bring business and industry leaders together with policy makers, public opinion leaders and elected officials in productive, non-threatening environments of mutual respect ? because Reece cares about the issues. We invite you to explore how Reece can make it happen for your organization:

High-level Educational Briefings
A Reece & Associates ?Area Briefing? is a powerful, in-depth way to share ideas and insights ? and get positive results ? among disparate groups: industry executives, regulatory personnel, community and opinion leaders, media representatives, and front line workers. These half-day events, a vital part of Reece services in some 30 states, include lunch and feature a variety of speakers and presentations. Reece-organized Area Briefings usually garner significant local media coverage. Typical audience size: 200 - 300 attendees.

For a look at currently scheduled Reece & Associates Transportation Safety Area Briefings and Trade Show events, please click here.

Roundtable Discussions
Many of today?s more complex business or societal issues ? from telecommunications policy to highway safety to emergency medical services ? require cross-disciplinary, cross-industry communication and collaboration. Reece & Associates is especially well-equipped at bringing together business and civic leaders from different spheres of influence to work toward a common goal. A Reece & Associates Roundtable offers a unique forum for today?s intensely focused, highly specialized professionals to reach out beyond their own domains and communicate effectively with their peers from other private- or public-sector settings. Roundtable discussions often serve as the catalyst for further conversations, including formal Area Briefings, on an array of topics.

Special Events
In today?s busy world, a well-planned social/business gathering ? hosted by Reece & Associates ? offers key decision-makers a chance to converse and exchange ideas. Whether the occasion is a holiday gathering, a political fundraiser, or a charity event, a Reece invitation always attracts the ?in crowd.?

Coalition-Building across Industries and Regions
?Making it happen? on a broad-based problem such as highway safety requires input from everyone. The Reece approach brings all the players to the table: public-sector officials from all the relevant agencies, concerned business people, civic leaders, elected officials, citizen activists and more.


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