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Reece & Associates was begun in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, as a law firm specializing in public policy law and regulatory affairs. Today the firm offers a unique combination of regulatory and public affairs consulting, issues education and consensus-building on selected public policy concerns.

Wayne Reece, Principal
In more than two decades of public affairs work, attorney Wayne Reece has earned a reputation as a caring, diligent and highly effective advocate for some of the most pressing concerns of modern life.

On issues ranging from highway safety to Internet privacy, Reece has dedicated his efforts to listening to communities and clients, bringing together key stakeholders and providing crucial statistical and grassroots input to help leaders make better public policy decisions on the local, state, or national level.

Recognized in his home state of Georgia as a behind-the-scenes advisor on a wide range of issues, Reece is best known nationally for his work in highway safety. Over the years, he and his firm have advised numerous governors, state highway and public safety departments, state legislators and selected corporate clients, as well as several presidential candidates and members of the U.S. Congress.

A native of the small town of Ellijay, Georgia, Wayne earned his law degree (J.D., 1981, cum laude) from the University of Georgia, where he was editor-in-chief of the law review. Upon graduation, he became the first staff member in the successful gubernatorial campaign of Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris. He then practiced public finance law with Kilpatrick & Cody (now Kilpatrick Stockton LLP) in Atlanta before opening his own firm specializing in governmental relations and public affairs.

In the early 1990s the Reece firm was asked by the Georgia Governor?s Office on Highway Safety to begin exploring ways to reduce traffic casualties. Named to the newly created post of coordinator of the Georgia Safety Management System in 1994, Wayne worked closely with political, business and civic leaders to encourage the Georgia legislature to strengthen impaired-driver laws and focus more attention on highway safety.

By 1996, facing a groundswell of public pressure and support ? resulting from an effective public affairs campaign developed by Wayne ? the Georgia legislature passed landmark legislation mandating seatbelt use and increasing enforcement efforts. In a state where senior legislators stood in opposition and ?they said it couldn?t be done,? Georgia became only the third state in the nation to upgrade from a secondary to a primary seatbelt law. As a result, Georgia seatbelt use has climbed by more than 25% ? and most importantly, thousands of injuries have been prevented and thousands of lives have been saved.

Following up on his work on seatbelt use, Wayne was then asked by a coalition of Georgia physicians, rescue teams and hospital emergency personnel to help highlight the critical need for state funding to develop a Statewide Trauma Network. As a result, the state of Georgia allocated its first state funding for a statewide trauma and emergency care network in 2002.

Building on its successful advocacy experience in Georgia, Reece & Associates has gone on to work on public affairs campaigns in more than a dozen states, from New York to Michigan to Arkansas.

In Atlanta, Wayne continues to serve as a director and legislative liaison for the Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia. He was honored on Safe Drivers? Awareness Day (March 1, 2000) by Georgia Senate Resolution 624 for his ?selfless dedication to promoting highway safety? in his state and throughout the nation.

Staff Resources
Reece & Associates? dedicated professional staff provides extensive data analysis and issues identification, as well as full-service events planning for all Reece-facilitated activities. Wayne Reece serves as moderator for each event.

Among the many prominent leaders and concerned citizens who have worked with Reece & Associates as consultants, editorial contributors, honorary chairs, or guest speakers are
  • Drs. Jeffrey Runge and Ricardo Martinez, the current and previous Administrators of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA);

  • Congressman Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives;

  • Patricia Britton, General Counsel of Porsche Cars North America, Inc.;

  • James McMahon, Superintendent of the New York State Police;

  • Dr. Art Kellermann, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine;

  • Robert Sandler, Executive Vice President of the American International Group (AIG) insurance; and

  • Marc Racicot, former Governor of Montana.


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